I’m working on a post on free-flow play but it’s not quite ready yet. In the meantime I wanted to share something I’ve been learning lately.

Who doesn't love a good whisking?!?

I naturally find it easy to assume the best of children. Something about their newness to the world allows me to remember that they’re not trying to annoy us or wind us up. That may be the result but it’s not their primary intention – they have far too much exploring to do to make time to annoy adults.

enjoying Daddy's birthday breakfast

But for some reason I fail to apply that same thinking to adults. Instead I assume the worst – she must be judging me, he must think I’m stupid. These kinds of assumptions are most often untrue and always unhelpful.


What is helpful? Assuming the best of everyone. There’s surely a reason that co-worker snapped at me and it likely had nothing to do with me at all. It doesn’t excuse her inappropriate behaviour but it certainly changes my response.

Leg? Check. Sock? Check.

It’s not an easy task, being the one to take the first step. And it wouldn’t be unreasonable to respond in kind. But adults deserve the benefit of the doubt just as much as children do. So please, assume the best of me.