I’m going to take a break from blogging. Why? Because I hate writing.

love reading about how children learn and how to support them. I really love implementing these ideas as I interact with children. I love thinking about these things, talking about them and listening to others share their suggestions and questions.

But I hate writing about it. And I hate having to spend so much time in front of my computer to do so.

Some of you have kindly commented that my writing is clear and engaging and while I’m glad to hear this (albeit a bit surprised) I must admit that it comes at the cost of many hours and no small amount of frustration. Some people think through things by writing and at the end of the writing process their understanding is much deeper. At least with this topic, I find my brain getting more and more muddled as I try to construct sentences to accurately reflect what I intuitively know to be true. Instead of helping me think through things, writing this blog tends to make me second-guess myself and my methods.

So, instead of spending hours in front of my computer twisting my brain in knots to reformat information that’s already available online I’m going to take a break from blogging. What will I do instead? Live it, talk about it, enjoy it…but not write about it;)

Thanks for your support…it’s been fun!